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This handmade book, The Tales From Middle-Earth (its sub-title: Homage to Tolkien), contains the text of The Hobbit,
the Fellowship of the Ring, the Two Towers and The Return of the King. This volume features Bevel-Edged boards.
Handwritten Tales from Middle-Earth.
The text of the original book is not only handwritten - but the illustrations are also repainted & redrew. It took 3 years to write.
The first 'master-copy' is very thick, written into hazel-brown handmade-paper with black ink.
This copy is leather bound (brown 'antique' color), with ornaments on the corners and clip made of copper.
High: 30 cm, length: 22 cm, thickness: 7 cm, total weight about: cca. 4,5 kg.
The book includes all the paintings (the Hobbits accross-the-water, the Lord of the Eagles, the Bilbo comes to
the Raft-elves, the Conversation with Smaug) & drawings ( the Trolls, the Mountain-path, The Misty Mountains looking West,
The Elvenking's Gate, the Lake Town, The Front Gate, The Hall at Bag-End) by Tolkien - and remade by
the hand writer. Included are also the Map of Wilderland (by Tolkien) and the Map of Middle-Earth (by Shelly Sapiro).
A special inset: the letter from Gandalf to Frodo that came to his hand too late in Bree, sealed with his ornamental 'G'-rune.
This is handwritten too - not printed !
There are two more printed inset: Thor's map and the letter that was written to Bilbo by Thorin.